Historic Pictures

Jackson District Library now has over 400 historic pictures on this website.

To view these really cool pictures:
Click on the Library Resources link, or the Genealogy link on the left hand side of the web page then click on “Browse the photo collection” or Browse the “gallery of photos” in the center column,

Pictures are divided into categories: Bands, People, Misc., Buildings, Horse and Buggy, Fire and Police Departments, and Railroads. Click on a picture (Album cover) to browse the photos.

You can also search by keywords by clicking on the “search the site link” at the top of the page, click on gallery at the top and type your keyword (Ella Sharp for example) into the search bar.

Click on the small image to enlarge the photo. There are descriptions of many of the pictures.
If you have information about one or more of the photos, please feel free to leave a comment.
Please leave your name or at least your initials and how you came to know this information.

There are still over 200 more pictures in our files to be loaded on the website so keep checking back.

If you have some historic pictures that you think might be of interest to others please contact us about putting them on the website, either the reference department or the e-mail form on the homepage, under contact us, select photo archivist under category.