Movie Review - Eastern Promises

This movie is for Adults only - Rated R for violence, sex and language.  That said - it was an amazing movie. 

I  finally watched this movie and was blown away by Viggo Mortenson's performance. I had heard him on Fresh Aire, talking about how he prepared for the role. He was astounding - his character is a Russion ex-con working for the Russian mob in London. The difference between Viggo in the role and Viggo in the DVD extras was amazing - and it was all nuances of facial expression, bearing, posture. The movie is very bloody and violent and there is a scene in a steam room that has to be seen to be believed. Naomi Watts is understated as a nurse who helps at the delivery of a Russian girl's baby and then tries to find a family for the orphaned baby girl. Armin Mueller-Stahl is creepily excellent as the Russian godfather mob boss. Vincent Cassel plays the boss's son. Global cast, Cassel is French, Mueller-Stahl is German, Watts is an Aussie or Kiwi, and Mortenson is Danish-American. Rent the DVD and do watch the special features. I normally don't like violent movies but I'm so glad I didn't pass this up.


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Viggo Mortenson

Since LOTR (Lord of the Rings) I have admired Mortenson very much--he spent weeks living and sleeping with his sword, not bathing, etc., whatever it took to live his role more. He is an actor par excellence.  I want to see this movie (even though I don't usually watch R-rated ones)!