May means megamovies!

This month will see the release of several long-awaited movies, not least of which is the fourth Indiana Jones film: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, coming 20, yes, 20 years after the last one.  I hate to say it, I really like these movies and I think alot of Harrison Ford's acting, but when I see the pics of him for this, he reminds me of my dad.  Probably not what they wanted for the star's image. But, hey, twenty years is two decades.  That doesn't mean the movie won't be good, it just changes the chemistry a little.  Hopefully just a little. Anyway, this movie will be released Memorial Day Weekend. 

Earlier in the month, May 16th, the second Chronicles of Narnia movie will be released.  Prince Caspian looks good so far, and the early reports are especially enthusiastic.  Apparently they have changed the chronology from the book, but it sounds as if it won't have a huge impact on the story. This was always one of my favorite series, even as an adult, so I will be lining up for it. The books are great family reads, by the way. 

They have moved up the release of Iron Man to May 2nd, and it sounds as if they made a smart move, considering some of the other hot movies coming this month.  There are a lot of comments on the web, and they are split down the middle on whether this movie is good or not. After reading through them, it sounds to me as if the movie misses more than it succeeds.


The same weekend Made of Honor, a romantic comedy, is coming out. The trailers hadn't made me want to see this one, but a user comment caught my attention--it was from a guy, saying the film was surprisingly good!  Amazing. Might be one to consider!




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I definitely want to see Made of Honor! I think it looks good! McDreamy is in it... so of course it "looks" good! haha!

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS comes out May 9! It stars Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz. It looks cute! It'll prob'ly be a good movie to see if you don't want to do a lot of thinking & just sit there and watch!

SPEED RACER is also coming out May 9! I don't want to see this one in particular @ the theatre but maybe on DVD.