This new library website has been up for about a year now and I understand that some people are a little confused about logging into this website and your library account.

Let’s see if I can clear this up.

1. Your library card barcode and PIN (the 4 digit number you chose when you got your library card If you don’t remember what it is please call or stop by one of the branches) are used to log into the library catalog, and check your account, place requests, use the library resource databases from home, and use the Michigan Electronic library to Interloan books from libraries around the state.
You do not need to login in order to search for materials.

2. The website log in allows you to make comments on blogs, events and create and comment on forums topics. You do not need and account or need to log in to read the webpage. You can create your own log in just by click login at the top of the left hand column.

3. You also need a separate account and login for the NetLibrary site- which allows you to “check-out” electronic books and download electronic audiobooks. You do not need to log in to search for the electronic materials. You create an account for this service by clicking Create a free account at the very upper right hand corner of the page.

All of these “accounts use different software programs and need separate accounts.

The idea of this new web page is to make it more interactive, to allow our patrons, or users to be involved in the library. If you would like to make a comment on any of the events or blogs, please log in, and click on Add a new comment at the bottom of the original post.
If you would like to read the forums, go to click on forums on the left of the page. Read forums that have been created and post comments or click on “post a new forum topic” at the top of the page.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this webpage please log in and add your comments.
Thanks JB