Jane Austen Book Club and Tea

We had a great meeting this week of the Jane Austen Book Club.  Thanks go to English native Mary Wyatt, who made delicious salmon and cucumber sandwiches and Jean Davis who provided the food.  Mary regaled us with stories about England and her memories of English teatimes.  We had 10 people join us for the tea and also the discussion of Mansfield Park.  We also had two different versions of MP running on video.

We are currently reading "Sense and Sensibility," Jane's book about two devoted sisters, who have very different ways of looking at the world.  Marianne is beautiful and sensitive, believing love will come sweeping out the storm and take her up.  And, of course, it does in the form of the dashing Willoughby.  Eleanor, however, is more sensible, realizing that unexpressed love is just as real if not so flamboyant.  Add in colorful characters as Mrs. Jenkins - who's never happier than when poking her nose into the girl's love life, and the sneaky and underhanded Lucy Steele who inveigles Eleanor's love interest in a loveless engagement and you've got all the ingredients for a love story. 

You are always welcome to join us.  Our May meeting is moved forward to the first Monday in May, the fifth at six pm.  Hope you can come!