Skulduggery Pleasant fills in the bare bones of a skeletal plot!

Looking for some tongue-in-cheek adventurous humor to share with the family? Then Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy is the tale for you! 12-year-old Stephanie has lost her Uncle Gordon and inherited his mansion. When she is attacked there one night, a friend of her uncle's rescues her--Skulduggery Pleasant. That's great, except Skulduggery is a skeleton. And a detective. Who throws fireballs. Who knew?

Suddenly Stephanie's life isn't so dull, between Skulduggery's droll jokes and the plot to steal the most valuable possession Uncle Gordon ever owned. The bad guy, Serpine, is positive Stephanie knows more than she is saying about this possession, the powerful Sceptre. Stephanie thought she wanted more excitement, but she starts feeling that things are out of control.

Getting curious? Be careful, it is really dangerous from here on! Written for children, this book is fairly violent, so sensitive younger children may not deal well with it. There are some broad parallels to Harry Potter, but they are not really fleshed out. (Sorry--couldn't resist.) All in all, I enjoyed this book as much as many adult books I have read. I give it 7.5 stars out of 10.



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NOTE: A new Skulduggery book

NOTE: A new Skulduggery book is coming out May 6th! Tessa