April is National Poetry Month

In celebration of National Poetry Month, why not check out something from our diverse poetry collections? Many people think poetry is dead, but just think of the lyrics of that annoying commercial jingle or your favorite radio song—it may not be classical poetry or pretty, but it has a beat and an appeal that keeps you from forgetting it. Try out some of our gathered poetry books, and you might be pleasantly surprised!

For instance, The poetry of our world: an international anthology of contemporary poetry, 2000, is called “stunning and highly readable.” This anthology chose more poets from other countries than English-speaking ones and focused on quality rather than quantity, so it would be a terrific source of fresh, new material.

Broad and sweeping in topic, The Oxford anthology of African-American poetry includes works by a wide variety of authors and generations, 2006. Good poems for hard times, selected by Garrison Keillor, was compiled from his daily radio show and featuring a great selection of poems (also available in large print).

And how about our video Spoon River Anthology, 1997? In small sections, it can give people new to poetry a feel for the sound of the lines, accompanied by beautiful locations, such as England near Avon for the Shakespeare offerings.

Whatever you do, give poetry some new attention this month. It could sweeten the atmosphere, and maybe even replace that pestilential tv theme song that repeats endlessly in your head…