Movie Review

          Over the week-end, I watched The Holiday, with Camron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law and Eli Wallach.  It is a story about two young women with man problems (it is a romantic comedy after all) one in Los Angeles, the other in Surrey England, who swap houses for the Christmas Holiday.  According to Yahoo Movie reviews the critics gave it a C+, the viewers gave it a B.  I would give it a B, maybe B+.   
   It was light hearted, feel good. fun movie. Not out loud or rolling on the floor hilarious movie, and not a tear jerker. It did make me smile, and maybe a little chuckle, and a tear.  It was a little predictable, but there was also a suprise or two.   A nice "chick" flick even for the younger teens.   There are a couple of bedroom scenes. but no nudity.
I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice.  So if you don't have anything else to do,and want to veg out and feel good try The Holiday.


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I enjoyed this little movie

I enjoyed this little movie when I saw it, too.  Not a world-changer, but good enough for a few laughs.  It has a cozy feel to it, making it a good choice for winter, as the title leads you to expect.




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That's what it was

Yes! that's what it was cozy.

The Holiday

I really liked this movie. Not ranked as high on my list as The Notebook but it was a good chick flick. Got me thinking about switching houses for a week with someone over seas. How fun that would be!