Americans idle, watch American Idol

American Idol season is here again, as popular as ever, and going for the seventh season winner. Already down to 8 contestants, the past has shown us that some of these people will be heard from again, as they go on to successful careers and recordings. The Jackson District Libraries have taken note of the American Idol phenomenon and collected a selection of music from the winners and the programs.

Also, many Idol contestants have been selected for other music collections, such as Now that's what I call music. Of that series alone, four releases feature American Idol contestants! The library owns three albums by first winner, Kelly Clarkson, of which My December (June 2007) is her latest. Your first thought, from the title, might be that this was “just another holiday release”, but this album is absolutely other, not holiday or Christmas at all, instead being reflective of her own angst. Although her last CD was called Breakaway, this is the one that really splits off from pop and heads into rock. Clarkson put lots of her own creativity into these songs with some dark disclosures of her own emotional life.

On order for the library collection, the CD Jordin Sparks from newest Idol Jordin Sparks is not being well-reviewed. However, it is selling well and those who enjoy the pop sound of Idol will probably still be pleased.Tending to more of an R & B sound, Sparks still performs on the money, especially for the funkier ones. Trying the library copy can save you money, just in case you agree with the tepid reviews.

There are also several of the season collections from American Idol to select from at the library. Best of all, there is a juicy book by the feared and hated judge, Simon Cowell, himself--I don’t mean to be rude, but…: backstage gossip from American Idol and the secrets that can make you a star. Find out everything going on behind the cameras!


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American Idol

I watch American Idol almost every week, well parts of it, (I have to switch back and forth between that and Biggest Loser), but I don't buy any of the CD's. I don't buy much of any music or movies anymore. I have better things to spend my money on at this stage in my life. If I want to watch or listen to something like that I DO get it from the library.

I will be the first to comment that I too was very suprised by the elimination of Michael Johns on April 10, but then again I don't vote either so, as in governmental elections, I have no right to complain.

For what it's worth (exactly what you are paying for it) I think one of the Davids will be the big winner.


It will be a male that wins this year......

The girls this year just doesn't have that wow factor. The boys are definitely bringing more talent to the stage this season. I'm guessing cutie patootie David Archuleta will win it.