Austen Book Club Hosts English Tea

The JDL Jane Austen Book Club will host an English Tea, beginning at 6:00 pm on April 14th. The food will be prepared by two English couples and served in the McIntyre Room in the Carnegie Building. We will be discussing Mansfield Park, Jane's only book where the "bad" girl (Mary Crawford) is more interesting and witty than the "good" girl heroine (Fanny Price). If you like Jane Austen's books, the Regency period in England, the Austen film adaptations or just witty and interesting conversation, please join us!

Alas, the Complete Jane Austen on PBS is finished but the website has a lot of extra information. I did enjoy their version of Sense & Sensibility, although the previous version, directed by Ang Lee, with Emma Thompson earning screenwriting and starring credit, was on my mind during the entire performance. Luckily, we have the DVD of both versions, so you can decide for yourself, which is better. In fact, we have ordered all the new PBS DVD's so you can request and view them at your leisure.