Computers and slow downs

We had a comment/question a few days ago that I thought some others might also be curious about.

Someone asked why the computers’ browsers were disabled, when they tried to “download” things to the computer.

The answer is that the browsers are not disabled. But there is only so much traffic our servers and circuits can only handle so much activity at one time.

Think of it as a water pipe in your house. The line can only carry a specified amount of water at a time. In your home, if you are trying to fill the washing machine and take a shower, and someone else tries to flush the toilet, the water has to be dispersed in 3 different directions, so the water to the shower may suddenly get too hot, and the pressure may slow in the shower and the washer. When one or more of the faucets stops, the remaining faucet gets all of the water running through the pipes and the pressure and speed increase.

The same thing happens on the information highway. If you try to do too much at once, things slow down to a crawl, and may even stop, like a traffic jam during rush hour. If we can be patient and wait a few seconds or minutes things will sort themselves out and begin to run smoothly again.

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