Learning to Use the Computer

When first learning to use the computer, it is important that you learn to use the mouse and the keyboard.  The more comfortable you are with these two tools the eaiser it will be for you accomplish what you want on the computer.  

When I teach the introductory computer class I use an Mouse Tutorial from the Palm Beach County library.  It is easy to use, gives you information on using the mouse and is fun too.

I have also found a couple of Internet sites that I use to help students become more familiar and comfortable with the keyboard.

Tactus Keyboard, to help learn key and finger placement.

And Typer Shark, a fun way to learn the keys and practice to increase speed and accuracy.

If you know someone who is just beginning to use the computer, or if you just want to practice and brush up your skills try these tutorials.

Let me know how you do. 






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typer shark

Thanks for the link, Joyce.  It was a fun way to test my rather degraded typing skills.