Book Review- Boom!: Voices of the Sixties and Beyond : Personal Reflections of the '60S and Today

Brokaw likens the book to a virtual class reunion, the class of 1968, He says he acts as a class president who gets the conversation started and lets the class members take off from there.

He starts the book by saying he got some kidding about call the WWII generation the "Greatest Generation", Lots of baby boomers consider themselves the "greatest generation" Brokaw says he does not consider the Boomers the worst generation but they are not the greatest either.

It is his contention that history has not yet figured out what the 60's really was, to paraphrase a question Hillary Clinton asked him, history, has not figured out the code yet. To quote Dickins it was the best of times it was the worst of times.

He points out that all though the 60's may be remembered as protest and ant-war demonstrations. There were many more people who were not involved in protests, and serving in the armed services than who were.

The era included anti-war, "drugs, sex rock and roll", Woodstock, the Chicago Democratic Party Convention, the woman's movement, the civil rights movement, assassinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy and the space race (the first man to walk on the moon)

He "brought'" together people who came of age in the 60's, from all walks of life. Politicians, soldiers, Lawyers, Doctors, Stars, Writers, Artists, Singers Songwriters. People like Gloria Steinem, Nora Eprham, Kris Kristofferson, Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Alan Young, Warren Beatty, Hillary Clinton, Joan Baez, James Lovell, as well as less well know people. He interviewed people from both the "left and the right" and presents their views of how the activities of that time effect today.

He compares 40 years ago, today, the Viet Nam war, to Iraq, the 1968 election to 2008 election.

The book brought back memories of the 60's, but made me look at things differently than I had 40 years ago. I think that it will give the children of the Baby Boomers a more complete view of the era, for example, my daughter at one point thought that everyone was a hippie.

I found the book fairly easy reading, and at times I would thinkg, "Oh I had forgotten about that" My score: 4 stars **** and a good read for anyone who lived through the 60's or those who want to know more about that era.