March is Mirth Month--no kidding!

Just when you thought the winter was going to steal any laughter or relaxation you had left, along comes March—Mirth Month!  (Try to say “March is mirth month” ten times with a straight face!) How about some humor to relieve winter stress?  May we suggest a good comedy? 

The Jackson District Library owns the top comedies of all time, including Tony Curtis’s dress-up role in Some Like it Hot, Dustin Hoffman’s vamping for time with his kids in Tootsie, the atom bomb spoof Dr. Strangelove,  or the Marx Brothers’ romp Duck Soup. Katherine Hepburn plays the droll debutante in The Philadelphia Story, while Woody Allen admires Annie Hall.

One of the more bizarre older comedies is Kind hearts and coronets, featuring Sir Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobi) in nine separate roles.  Looking for something different? Try The gods must be crazy. This cult classic, set in Botswana, is a great family choice you will want to watch over and over.  Another hilarious spoof often overlooked is James Garner’s western winner, Support your local sheriff!   

A lighthearted option would be to listen to an audiobook by a well-known humor writer, such as Bill Bryson’s new The life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid, his account of growing up in Des Moines. John Grogan’s Marley and me is one of the funniest books ever written, at least for dog lovers. Or dog haters.  Marley is the world’s most lovable rascally dog, able to escape from steel cages and trash the house, yet trusted to guard the diapered family members.  

Bill Bryson’s In a sunburned country is a hoot, with his hilarious accounts of the wild dangers and discomfort of jet lag in Australia. Garrison Keillor, of Lake Wobegone radio show fame, has a new novel out called Pontoon. Set in the witty Minnesota local of Lake Wobegone, this book is a farce about Evelyn, the insomniac who dies in her sleep.  

Above all, have fun with this--share the mirth with someone else.  Be sure to tell everyone you meet that March is mirth month!


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One more....

"Arsenic and Old Lace" is my personal favorite old comedy. Makes me laugh every time.

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The Gods must be crazy

My Husband and daughter LOVED the Gods Must be Crazy and the Gods Must be Crazy II.

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"His Girl Friday" is also really good.