New Years Resolutions

Many of us make new years resolutions.  The idea is to change some things ourselves, or about their lives. Things like:
  • Loose weight
  • Get in shape
  • Eat healthier
  • Exercise more
  • Learn how to use the computer

Many people break those resolutions by February.
Somewhere I heard that in order for something to become a habit you have to repeat it 21 times.  
So theoretically if we do some thing everyday for 3 weeks, it will be come a habit and become much easier to continue.

I am not an expert but it seems to me that it is easier to keep a resolution if you can find some way to make it more enjoyable.
For example:  If you want to increase your exercise find a way to make it fun.  
Rather than just ride the exercise bike, try going for walks with your kids, and make it a game.
 Use the time on the bike to listen to books on tape, or favorite music, you don't get a chance to listen to very often.
Watch some favorite VHS or DVD's movies or some movies you have wanted to watch but haven't gotten around to watching Video tape your favorite TV shows and watch those.
There are lots of sources out there to help you get started with your resolutions.  
Here are some materials available at the library.

The no sweat exercise plan : loss weight, get healthy, and live longer /    


The complete idiots guide to yoga



Lean mom, fit family : the 6-week plan for a slimmer you and a healthier family



Chair dancing through the decades  
Dixie Carter's unworkout
Pilates for beginners

Yoga booty ballet. Goddess abs, AM latte

We have almost 200 books or Videos on Physical Fitness

To be continued...