Mother's Day Library Picks

Library Picks

For May 13, 2007

By Jill Marie Mason

Mothers, open your eyes and ears. These are library picks for Moms. Happy Mother’s Day!! To celebrate, let’s look at some titles that begin with the word MOM.

There are all kinds of moms out there, from new to experienced. No matter your level of expertise, I’m sure you could use a few tips once in a while. How about 4,278 of them? Check out The Mom Book: 4,278 of Mom Central’s Tips—for Moms from Moms by Stacy M. Debroff. At 682 pages, it runs the gamut on mommy matters.

Your children are grown and you finally have the house to yourself, but what happens when your children want to move back in? It seems that more and more twentysomethings (and older) are living with their parents these days. Whether you are in an unemptied nest or anticipate being in one soon, read Linda Perlman Gordon’s Mom, Can I Move Back in With You?: A Survival Guide for Parents of Twentysomethings.

Looking for an escape? A little inspiration? Read Mae Nunn’s Mom in the Middle, a book in the “Love Inspired” series. Abby Cramer is a widower taking care of her toddler son and elderly parents. When her mother breaks her hip in a home-improvement store, handsome employee Guy Hardy comes to the rescue. Want to know what happens next? Read the book to find out.

Do you have your own romance cooking up? How do you tell your children about a new man in your life? Sometimes it is difficult for single moms to even find the time to date. Get some advice on the matter from Ellie Slott Fisher in her book Mom, There’s a Man in the Kitchen and He’s Wearing your Robe: The Single Mother’s Guide to Dating Well Without Parenting Poorly.

If motherhood throws you a curveball, catch it (with some tips from your local library).