May Library Picks

The library is hosting a series of programs about the early history of Michigan and Jackson titled, “Coming to Michigan:  From Joliet to Jackson.”  This week, let’s take some time to look at sources about Michigan and its history.  We’ll call it:  Mighty Mitten under the Magnifying Glass.

I know some people who haven’t done much exploring outside of their neck of the woods.  If this sounds like you, start by taking a peek at Monte Nagler’s Michigan.  This photo collection will take you on a tour of all the beauty and interest our wonderful state has to offer.  Its 92 black and white photographs, taken by Nagler, a student of Ansel Adams, reveal the diversity of Michigan’s landscapes.

In a hurry to learn some history?  Check out George S. May and Joellen Vinyard’s Michigan, the Great Lakes State:  An Illustrated history.  This fully indexed book (believe me, indexes come in handy), tells tales of  Native Americans, the Fur Trade, early farming, mining, automobile manufacturing, the Depression, the postwar years, and into the 21st Century.  Peppered with photos, it doesn’t miss a beat.

Interested in seeing some of Michigan’s Historical sites?  Don’t leave home without this book, Traveling Through Time:  A Guide to Michigan’s Historical Markers.  You’ve seen them by the road, the rock with a plaque declaring the lone chimney a historical place, or the sign posted for a building that is no longer standing.  In 1955, the State of Michigan began erecting markers at historical sites.  The book is divided by county; Jackson has 32 listings.

Have you ever been to the Michigan Historical Museum?  If not, take A Walk through Time at the Michigan Historical Museum.  This video shares some of Michigan’s history by taking you on a tour of the museum’s exhibits.  Museum docents and staff provide commentary for each gallery. 

The last book on the docket is Michigan Trivia compiled by Ernie and Jill Couch.  This one’s a little old, but I couldn’t resist putting it in the column.  I love trivia, and a quick browse through this book taught me a bunch of factoids that I didn’t know.  The trivia is divided into six categories:  geography, entertainment, history, arts and literature, sports and leisure, and science and nature.

We have enough Michigan history titles at the library to knit you a mighty mitten.  “Coming to Michigan:  From Joliet to Jackson” will be continuing throughout the month of May.  Please call the Reference Department at (517) 788-4087, ext. 234, for more information.


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More Michigan History picks,

 Some Michigan historical fiction that the kids might like are by Janie L. Panagopoulos.She has a series, A dream quest adventure that includesJourney Back to Lumberjack Camp, Traders in TimeErie Trails West and North to Iron Country.   In the sereies two young boys time travel back to the Michigan Frontier.  You might also want to check out Panagopoulos other Michigan Historical fiction stories.    Joyce