Some tips for Microsoft Word

 As Staff Development and Training Coordinator for the Jackson District Library, I will be passing along what I hope are helpful hints and tips on how to use our website, online catalog, maybe some of our online research tools, as well as some computer programs and maybe gadgets.    

The hint for today: When learning to use Microsoft Word, many people have trouble controlling the mouse and performing other functions.   Many times, while teaching the Beginning Word class, students will yell. “Oh, no I erased everything.”   Sometimes it is as simple as scrolling back up the page to find the text other times they only need to use the undo tool, both very easy fixes. When you are a new computer user the undo button can be your best friend. 

You can find it at the top of the Edit menu, it usually says “Undo Typing” or you can use the tool on the tool bar, it looks like an arrow curving to the left.


Another neat feature is the Change Case feature. 

How many times have you accidentally  hit the Caps Lock button and typed several lines in ALL CAPS?  Instead of deleting all of mistyped caps try this. 

Select the text.

  • Go to the Format menu
  • Click on Change Case
  • Select the style you want, and click OK.