JDL Computer Classes - Creating Web pages and Blogs

The Computer Classes at JDL are very popular, especially the beginning and introduction classes. This month (December) we are offering some more advanced classes, one of which is how to create your own Blog web page.

The library has several books on creating blogs and web pages go to the Catalog and do a subject search for Web Pages

In case you do not know what a blog is- the word itself is a combination of web log. Entries are written in chronological order and usually placed in reverse chronological order.

In class the other night one student asked why someone would want to create a blog.

My Answer is to share information, improve communication and enlarge your knowledge base.

For a great explanation of a blog go to Common Craft. com

Blogs include text and graphics and links to other blogs. Some blogs, provide news or commentary on a particular subject. Some are more like personal journals. As of September 2007, blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 106 million blogs.[1]

From your favorite search engine do a search for "subject blog" for example Library Blog, or book blog, or cooking blog

Here are a few examples.

Library and Book Blogs
Jackson District Library
Trish's Books
Tiny Reading Room
Running with Books
Brooklyn Booktalk

Personal Blogs
Joyce's Blog

Betz, Choate Genealogy and more
Janet's Genealogy Blog
Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

Class Reunion
Michigan Center Class of 1967 Class Reunion

Outdoor Blogs
Simply Outdoors

Attitude and Personal Improvement
Three Beautiful Things.
It is just you Everything is not Sh...

Default Dinners and Stand by Suppers

Psycho Kitty

Baby Boomers
The geminiweb

For more information on all of the JDL Computer classes, check the Calendar, and look for Computer Classes.