Joyce's Book Review: Not MY Daughter by Barbara Delinsky

                                                           Book Review

Not MY Daughter

by Barbara Delinsky

Four 17 year old girls in a small company town make a pact.  All of them will get pregnant at the same time and raise their 4 babies together. Although they have thought about it and planned, and think they have prepared,  they are not ready for the chain of events they set into motion.

                They find that their decision affects more than just themselves, it effects their parents, their parents jobs, marriages and, friendships, and other family relationships.  Are they ready for the way the town views and reacts to them and their parents?

                Although Delinsky touched on some very emotional and hot issues, I was able to look at them very objectively.    I, who cries at a commercial, did not cry or get angry at or with the people in this story.  Although I could understand why they felt the way they felt, and I could sympathize with them I did not empathize with them.  That being said, I enjoyed the book, I enjoyed the company, and I might  join them for another part of their life in the future, if there was another book.  ★★★

     Available at the Jackson District Library in Book, Large Print, Book on CD, Ebook and Eaudio book.