Tessa’s Book Recommendation: The Breach trilogy by Patrick Lee


Technothriller is the description given to The Breach and its mates by reviewers.  These are science fiction set in the present day.  Patrick Lee’s work reminds me a lot of another famous technothriller writer, Michael Crichton.  The books keep you on the edge of your seat.  You barely have time to register a new concept before the characters are running for their lives to a new scenario.  The concepts aBook Jacketre logical and plausible, so that the extrapolations are that much more terrifying.

The main characters are likable and believable, with a thwarted romance to spice things a bit.  Political intrigue and catastrophic doomsday possibilities keep your attention from wavering.  I highly recommend this trilogy(also called the Travis Chase Trilogy), and here’s hoping someone makes them into movies.  ~Tessa        4.5 out of 5 stars               December 2013



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I just found out recently that Patrick Lee is from western Michigan!  Let's support our Michigan author!