Holiday Traditions

This time of year, from the end of November through early January is a time loaded with tradition. In my family we celebrate Christmas, other families celebrate, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and some don’t “celebrate” holidays. Religious connotations aside many of us have family traditions that we practice year after year. That’s what a tradition is, customs, practices, rituals that we repeat over and over.

Traditions can be about what we have for dinner, how we decorate a tree, what songs we sing, what services we attend, what gifts we give, what movies we watch, or what stories or legends we repeat.

Someone told me about a pickle ornament legend I had never heard of , so I started doing some searches.

A subject search of the Jackson District Library Catalog for Holiday Customs brings up 49 items, including Valentines, All Saints day and Cinco de Mayo.

A search for Holiday Traditions list 25 items.

A search for Christmas Legends brings up 14 titles.

In doing and Internet search I found legends and traditions about Spider webs, pickles (find it at Bronner's) , bird’s nests, Robins, Sage Plants, donkeys, and many many more,
Check the World of or Bronners,

At my house we always have bird's nest in our tree. We get two new ornaments every year, one for us and one for my daughter (she'll take those with her when she starts her own tree).

My daughter always asks if she can open her presents on Christmas eve- I always "give in" and let her open one, but it has to be the one I choose. Dad always says let her choose her own- I always insist on my choice and it's always Pajamas. (so she can wear them to bed and look better in the morning for pictures)

Comment and let us know what are some of your traditions are.

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So pretty much like how

So pretty much like how Christmas is modeled after ancient Sun god worship? Is that what you mean? 'Cause I can't really think of any traditions I have like that. Except maybe eating Ketchup.... :)

Golly Gee

Golly Gee! I love Ketchup!

Would you like a ketchup

Would you like a ketchup squishee?

Whoa. Like, what are you

Whoa. Like, what are you talking about? The totally makes no sense. Like, give me all of your frozen squishees. Ha haa!

I quote Radioactive Man

I quote Radioactive Man from issue 237 - Radioactive Man Vs Starving Ethiopian "Ketchup does not go on that."

One time Mr. Burns thought

One time Mr. Burns thought he liked Ketchup so he bought a Ketchup factory only to later find out that he actually likes Catsup.

According to the latest

According to the latest findings in the Journal of Catsupology, too much Catsup is the leading cause of underage drinking, heh heh heh.

Hi everybody, I'm Dr. Nick!

Hi everybody, I'm Dr. Nick! Eating Ketchup twice a day helps you lose weight. Don't question me, I'm a professional!

Ya Ketchup fruit balls need

Ya Ketchup fruit balls need some real food. Haggis! It's good for what ails ya!

Excellent! I have them

Excellent! I have them talking about Ketchup instead of my plans to blot out the sun! Soon you all will know the real power of C. Montgomery Burns........oh, this is taking too long. Smithers, release the hounds!  

Oh, my great good heavens!

Oh, my great good heavens! Gentlemen, your attention please. There are enough Ketchup references here to potentially cause a giant Black Hole where nothing but mustard can escape it's pull of gravity. Oh, wait a good glayven, I forgot to carry the one. Mm-hai.

I hearby declare December

I hearby declare December 1st as Ketchup Day! Every man, woman, and child is required to eat Ketchup all day long! Let's show those Shelbyville people who really has got town spirit!


We enjoy this tradition too!  We started recieving our christmas eve pjs when I was little from my aunt.  Then my kids got them from my husband & I.  Now I am giving them to my grandchildren.  They love it!Wink 

Tammy Dotson

Nooooo! Not Ketchup! My

Nooooo! Not Ketchup! My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!


Ketchup is for birds! Meow.

Ketchup is for birds! Meow. Daddy says I'm this close to sleeping out in the yard! 


We can't make Ketchup into

We can't make Ketchup into an idol! Oh lord what have we done!

Not ketchup related!!

Just so we understand that there's more to Christmas than ketchup!!...As a child I would pick berries in the summer with my Grandma and help her put up jams and jellies of all colors and flavors. She would let me pick my favorites to give as gifts to my teachers and special friends at Christmas time. It was always thrilling for me to give a gift that I had helped make and I still try to do that now. Nothing is better than giving or receiving something from the heart and hands!! Happy Holidays!!

Like when Duffman gives out

Like when Duffman gives out Duff!

 Oh yeah!

Hey! Who's giving out free

Hey! Who's giving out free Duff? Sweet, delicious Duff. BUUUUUUUUUURP!

Forget Christmas that would

Forget Christmas that would be a much better as a mothers day gifts