Tessa's DVD Mystery Series Recommendation: Midsomer Murders


          Anyone who enjoys Masterpiece Theatre or other British television probably already knows about Midsomer Murders. This is one of the longest-running series in television history, and the police drama continues today. Originally based on novels written by Caroline Graham and adapted by bestselling author Anthony Horowitz, the series has gone far past those seven novels. The original main character, DCI Tom Barnaby, was played by John Nettles.  Internationally renowned Nettles retired from the show in 2011 after 81 episodes--he was awarded an OBE by the queen in 2010. The show has become a cultural icon and the fictional location, Midsomer County, a national source of humor. 

           Midsomer Murders Photo But the show hasn't ended, even without the main character and original producer! The new Barnaby is written in as his cousin, who appeared in an episode set in Brighton, The sword of Guillaume, before Nettles bowed out. It is a good transition, and we continue to enjoy the newer episodes and people. The market for the series has grown to encompass more than 200 countries.

            My husband and I are currently engrossed in Midsomer's activities, planning to watch all of them. Avid fans of many different crime series, we haven't become bored, even after more than 50 episodes. I don't often guess the murderer (with other series I can do it all the time)--mostly because they don't give us the necessary information to do so. These stories are inventive and intentionally fun, often quite far-fetched.  If you want gritty reality, this show isn't for you; if you want humorous English cozies with occasional graphic aspects, try Midsomer Murders. JDL owns most of them!  ~ Tessa    4 out of 5 stars         November 2013