Walk on the Noir side!

Noir (pronounced ˈnwär) fiction is crime fiction featuring hard-boiled cynical characters and bleak sleazy settings, according to Merriam-Webster onlineAkashic Press is publishing noir fiction by City - getting local writers to contribute Noir fiction based based in their home town.  They started with Brooklyn Noir and have now explored the seamy side of 16 cities.  Mystery or crime fictions fans will recognise the wonderful talented writers who pry up their streets and prowl the underbelly of major cities.  Here's a list of the books we have here or on order.  Check our Catalog

Brooklyn Noir 2 - The Classics

Bronx Noir

Chicago Noir

D.C. Noir 

Detroit Noir

Dublin Noir

London Noir

Manhattan Noir 

Miami Noir 

New Orleans Noir

San Francisco Noir

Wall Street Noir

It's a great way to armchair travel and get a sense of the different neighborhoods in the subject cities.  It's not all black, some of the stories are funny, but with definitely a darker tone.  Enjoy!


walk on the noir side!

Jane, What a neat idea for new reading  material.  How in the world did you find out about this genre?  I placed a hold for the brooklyn noir and hope the stories aren't too creepy!


Diana H.

Diana Hill
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Noir stories

Thanks, Diana.  I didn't order the first one, but once I read it, I put in a lot of Requests to Buy.  You can't read just one!  Most of aren't too creepy - Miami Noir is probably the funniest, but London Noir is really black!  I'm having trouble finishing it.  Wall Street Noir is pretty easy too.  Enjoy!


I have never heard of this.  Makes me think of Guy Noir of Prairie Home Companion.  There's always something new to learn!  Lora
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Guy is Noir

I'm sure that's way Keilor named him as such!