Tessa's DVD Review: Epic is epic!

The new animated movie Epic came out on DVD in September.  This little movie (PG) has nothing special in the plot or setting, but it has some really fun lines and characterizations.  A miniature world in the woods behind the main character’s house is endangered and our girl is magically shrunk down to guard the special pod which will bring life to the forest.  Evil rot king Mandrake tries to steal the pod and our heroine, MK, must help the snail and slug (Mub and Grub) deliver the pod.  

Silly humor abounds, such as the ominous line, after a scary encounter with a mouse, “If there are mice around, there are bound to be…chipmunks.”  Dun dun dun.   Enjoy this with your kids and grandkids and expect to giggle a lot.  My huge, six-foot-something son-in-law was even caught snickering and repeating lines. JDL has several copies.  ~ Tessa     4 out of 5 October 2013