Who'da thunk it? Learning on MySpace!

MySpace presents an entirely new way to look at the Internet. People across the board, from 5 to 75, are joining MySpace to represent themselves, or maybe some alter-ego by the droves. Who would want an alter ego you may ask? As of September 8th, 2007 MySpace gets an astonishing 230,000 new registrations per day to add to their over 200 million accounts. It's been my experience that many of these are the result of people forgetting their password, getting hacked, or little kids who register for a new account everytime they come in. Still it's just a ginormous number of people.

In my eyes, the one thing that MySpace has really done for people has been to teach them how to copy and paste. Just google MySpace Code, HTML MySpace, or MySpace Code Generators and you'll see the amazing amount of free sites out there that will generate the HTML code for you. The one "skill" you must master? The copy and paste! Of course, most of the MySpace pages out there still make the hair of a graphic designer stand up on the back of his neck, with their flashing cheesy graphics, obnoxious color schemes, and overall nasty design. But the fact remains that all these people who otherwise would have no idea how a webpage is created or what HTML is, are actually learning the basics of HTML and CSS programming and it is truly amazing!


Yay, I know how to color!

Dear xr4ti_86, I like to color. The only thing is I like to see all the colors at once. How can I solve this dilemma and also apply the answer towards a myspace background? [Jeopardy music..........] Ah HA! How about psychedelic flashing objects on a black background! Yes, what a sweeet layout! I am a genius.

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I like to copy and paste. And I like to color. But most of all, I like butterscotch.
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Who doesn't like

Who doesn't like Butterscotch?