Tessa's Book Review: Snapper by Brian Kimberling

    Like Seinfeld, Snapper by Brian Kimberling is a book about nothing.  But it's an amiable, pleasantly aimless story told by Nathan Lochmueller, a young man wandering around, looking for work or girls or something. Along the way, he opines about southern Indiana in a pretty negative way. The Michelin Guide to Indiana by Nathan Lochmueller is real short, he declares. "Everything's flat, everyone's fat, and you can't buy beer on Sunday." Sounds like it would fit a lot of places, really, like Oklahoma or Mississippi or even Memphis. While trying to escape Indiana, Nathan gets a job working for a university ornithologist.  He is responsible for monitoring a patch of woods every day for months. He gets attached to the creatures in his area and learns a huge amount about birds. Funny fare for those who love the feathered among us.  Then he falls in love with Lola.  Much time is spent pining over the faithless but unforgettable free spirit. Years.
    He also tells stories that are funny and quirky, and you want them to be true.  While dogsitting for a friend, Nathan decides, considering the German Shepherd before him, "if I could afford my own dog, I'd get a Basset Hound, so girls would think I was sensitive but not too smart." I bet he would change his mind if the Basset Hound brought him a human femur, too. Gotta wonder if the author, Brian Kimberling, ever had a dog bring him a human bone. Don't you?  But, back to Nathan. His friend Shane tells him, "You know some weird people." "So says Exhibit A," he responds. Try the book for a sampling of better writing to come. Pay no attention to the title.  ~ Tessa Eger 3.5 out of 5 stars     September 2013