Jane Austen Fans Unite!

Check out the new Jane Austen Book Club!  It's Everything Austen!  We'll be discussing her books, movies and websites.  Join us at the first meeting Nov. 7th at 6:00 pm.  If you can't make it, email Jane at debanojm@jackson.lib.mi.us and let me know what day and time works for you.  Pre-teens to grands are welcome.  The only requirement is that you love Jane's work.  It will be great fun!



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Email Jane!?? I can really email Jane Austen?!! Haha... when I read that I was like, "wait a sec...", haha.... but I know better! I just thought it was funny!!!

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How Fun!!!!

This sounds like fun and I am not even a Janeite.

I thought the email Jane was funny too.

I did notice, however, that there are several Jane Austen books available through the downloadable audio books. You can find them at eJDL (on the left) then click on NetLibrary. Search by author for Austen, Jane.