There is an AWESOME group on MySpace called "readergirlz"! The group is led by authors, Justina Chen Headley who wrote, "Nothing But The Truth and a Few White Lies"; Janet Lee Carey, author of "Dragon's Keep"; Dia Calhoun author of, "Firegold" and Lorie Ann Grover author of, "On Pointe".

The purpose of readergirlz is to "celebrate gutsy girls in life and lit". The goal is to encourage girls to read and discuss the books they read with friends and the authors! There are 3 ways to get involved with readergirlz, two of which you must have a MySpace account.

First, you can visit and add the readergirlz as a friend and receive updates and info on what's going on with readergirlz.

Second, visit the group, At the group you can chat with other readergirlz, the readergirlz divas (the 4 authors mentioned above) and authors.

The third way to get involved with readergirlz is to visit their actual website, On the website, visitors will find which book is featured each month and other special events.

During the month of October, readergirlz is hosting a different author each day for members to chat with. Authors include: Meg Cabot, Carolyn Mackler, Stephenie Meyers,  Sonya Sones, Rachel Cohn, E. Lockhart, Lauren Myracle and many many more. These chats are fun & exciting. It gives fans a chance to actually talk to their favorite authors.

This group is not only about reading & chatting though.... the group also encourages members to get out there and make a difference. The group has a community project that goes along with each book. The group is encouraging, inspiring and a ton of fun!

If this sounds like something you are interested in, look 'em up and start chatting and having fun!! READ ON!



Week Four
October 21st: Sonya Sones
October 22nd: Lisa Yee
October 23rd: Carolyn Mackler
October 24th: E. Lockhart
October 25th: Janet Lee Carey
October 26th: Gaby Triana
October 27th: Lauren Myracle
Week Five
October 28th: Holly Black
October 29th: Cynthia Leitich Smith
October 30th: Dia Calhoun
October 31st: Stephenie Meyer
(Special time: 9 PM PST/MIDNIGHT EST)


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GReat posting, elocin!  Check out the Jane Austen Book Club for another great place for girls who read!