Tessa's New Book Review: Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

    The book Red Moon is receiving lots of acclaim as a "deeply layered" literary thriller. For me, it was a frustrating, vague read that ended flat, without an identifiable denouement. I won't go into lots of description or detail here, since others are saying so much, but it felt as if Percy wanted to say something profound about racism and terrorism, but instead he just wrote a long, sad tragedy that ended with everyone brutalized and injured, and no one safe or happy.  Maybe that is the deep message he was searching for, that all over the world people are angry and hurting someone else. If so, yeah, I get it.
    He tries to cram all the world's prejudices into one major problem--lycanthropy, or the lobos virus. But the ties to real situations are distracting--the lycans crash three airplanes, the US invades the lycans' Republic, the 60's protests were about werewolf liberties, the medieval pogroms were to wipe out lycans...I've read lots of books like this that worked, but somehow this one doesn't work as well. I liked the main characters and would have liked to know more about a couple of them that were just left hanging.  Maybe he's aiming for a sequel: it seems to be the thing to do these days. Whatever, the book didn't excel for me in any particular way.  ~ Tessa             2013      3 stars


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If you're interested in a

If you're interested in a better read of a similar theme and nature, try Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union.  I loved that!