My Brother - The Lizard Boy

Many of you might remember my brother who until recently worked at the Meijer Branch. For the purposes of this article we'll just call him Lizard Boy.*  Well, apparently Lizard Boy thought working with books was way too droll, and he would much rather work with happy things like boomslangs, giant japanese salamanders (think 4ft, 26lbs, and with a single bite eat a whole trout!), and a mischevious white alligator who likes to bite. So Lizard Boy packed his things and wife, and moved to the mega-metropolis of Omaha to work at the Henry Doorly Zoo in the Desert Dome which may or may not look something like this -

(Oh yeah and if you check out the Zoo's website, which I don't really recommend because it's lame, but if you do, realize the Zoo is much, much cooler than their site. I know because I was there :)

 My favorite Lizard Boy zoo story so far, is that he has to climb in with the giant japanese salamander to clean out his tank. The only problem? His tank is like 50 degrees fahrenheit. That might not sound too bad,  but try drawing a bath at 50 degrees and let me know how it turns out. I once went snorkeling in southern California in December in 53 degrees water, and I thought I was having a coronary. Needless to say, being in that much shock with an animal that could take a sizeable piece of your hand is somewhat exhilarating. So if you're ever in the Omaha area and want to see an ex-Librarian working with dangerous animals, stop by the zoo and look up Lizard Boy.

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent


I Could Go there....

Dear xr4ti_86,

I Could Go there to see an ex-Librarian working with dangerous animals - OR - I could just stay here and see the same thing with current librarians.


Professor Chaos

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Ha! I bet you would Trebek.

Ha! I bet you would Trebek.

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Hey -


Is that Salamandar related to the 56 inch 55 pound pike, this guy caught in Canada- or Europe?




This has always been Lizard Boy's Dream...

I think Lizard Boy finds Japanese salamanders to be safer than most people, or the library for that matter- at least he escaped the library vortex which continues to engulf various and sundry member of your family that I know of...Wink



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I'm not sure why a

I'm not sure why a Salamander would be related to a PIKE?  It is a FISH..  Why would a Salamander and a fish be related?  The Japanese Salamander is an Amphibian and its Scientific Name is: Andrias Japonicus.  Rather, a Pike's Scientific name is: Esox Masquinongy.  Doesn't sound like these two animals have anything in common, except, they both live in water.