Tessa's book review: The Kassa Gambit by M. C. Planck

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Planck's debut novel, The Kassa Gambit, combines several elements that make it hard to categorize.  Set in the distant future when Earth is a legend and a curse word, the book follows two people, police detective Kyle Daspar and freighter captain Prudence Falling .  Farming planet Kassa is where they meet, brought together at the moment when the planet Kassa has been decimated by bombs that wipe out the entire infrastructure and kill massive amounts of people. Suspicious circumstances make Kyle and Prudence suspect the other. As they each work on finding those responsible for the horrendous attack, from separate ends of the star maps, they run into more danger until finally they are together again facing the worst nightmares of all.

A few ambiguous threads and lack of detail cause questions and confusion, but mostly the book is a quick, action-packed read with some great relationships and fun wordplays and jokes. In spite of those problems, this debut novel is worth reading.  I enjoyed the humor immensely as well as liking all the characters, especially the two main ones, and the trajectories of their relationships and the plots.  This book uses elements of mystery, thriller, horror, political intrigue, and science fiction to make an engaging, quick read.  I'll be looking for more by Planck! ~ Tessa   2013   3.75 out of 5 stars