Tessa's book review: Written in Red: a novel of the Others by Anne Bishop

All the elements for a great read come together in Anne Bishop's new book Written in Red. Meg has found shelter from the cold in the unlikeliest place. Humans don't belong among any of the Others. Not the shifters, not even the Crows, not the vampires, not any of the Others. But here she is, with a job and everything.Jacket cover

Now it's the Others' turn to try and figure someone out, for Meg is nothing like the humans they've seen before. Simon Wolfgard, leader, can't place her smell nor her weird mix of innocence and quick intelligence. But soon neither he nor Meg have time to figure much out, for forces are arrayed against them all which may bring destruction down on the whole city.

Set in some strange form of North America, the fascinating world Bishop has created will captivate and keep you turning pages and anticipating the next book.  Great characters, world-building, and a plot with lots of action make this a super new addition to the urban fantasy/paranormal genres. ~Tessa    2013

4 out of 5 stars 

Warning:  It didn't even occur to me while reading this, but another reviewer's caution woke me up.  Meg is a prophet who gets her prophecies primarily through cutting.  In this day when so many girls are hurting themselves through cutting, please beware of this book as a possible encouragement to them. I don't ever want to encourage anyone to hurt themselves.