Tessa's Christian Book Review: The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue

While The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue does not qualify as great literature, this is one of the best Christian books I've read. Allison Chamberlain has been a Christian for a few years and the feeling has been getting strong in her that she needs to do something.  What, she doesn’t know. Yet. Her small group at church has really helped her grow, but suddenly Allison wonders if that’s all there is.  Her jobs are just time-killers, not really anything to put her heart into.Jacket cover: The Reluctant Prophet

Then she feels a nudge. To buy a Harley.  Terrified, she questions the nudge, but she just becomes more convinced it is God.  When she goes to look at the Harley and signs up for classes, she begins to meet new people.  People her current friends don’t seem to accept.  Some of her new acquaintances are in desperate need, and Allison has the means and opportunity to help. Her church group really doesn’t like that.  Nor does her pastor.

Allison holds her ground and finds out that God still gives miracles to those who turn to Him in desperate faith. This first book in a trilogy is not preachy, not sappy, not too easy nor predictable. The setting in St. Augustine is spot-on--I grew up visiting there, and I've been back recently. Highly recommended.  ~ Tessa    4.5 out of 5 stars

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