Book review: Vanishing Acts by Jodi Bicoult

I have read a couple books by Jodi Picoult . Some people have said this is not her best work but I found it compelling.



At the age of 32 Delia, finds out that her beloved father kidnapped  her at the age of four, and the mother that she's thought was dead for 28 years  is very much alive.


As usual Picoult has a surprise ending. I will say that there were certain instances that raised a red flag, I discarded them. When it surfaced I thought “of course” .


There were scenes in the book that I am not sure were necessary for example:  the prison scenes were pretty graphic and I am not sure they added to the overall story.   I found the time she spent in the Hopi village interesting but I'm not sure the it was a necessary part of the book either.  


Although I was pretty sure how the book was going to end,  I was involved enough with the characters and the story that I actually gasped when the verdict was announced. There were other parts that were a little predictable, but again I was so engaged and involved that to me it was not.  Things could have gone the either way and still be plausable.


The author  brings up issues that are current and real and makes the reader think about what they would do in similar situations.  In this case I felt sorry for both parties.

Although I found it a good book,  I liked the people in the book, there were times it brought tears to my eyes but I am ready to give them some time to themsleves.  I  give this book 3 out of 5 stars.


This book is available through the Jackson District Library catalog in Book, Large Print, Book on CD formats and is available as a downloadable electronic book through OneClickdigital.