Book Review: The Nanny Diaries

Book Review – The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Nicole Kraus.

From the book jacket: (Book on CD edition) What do you do when you are a nanny to an obscenely rich Park Avenue matron name X? Mrs. X refuses to do anything for herself, including cook, clean, or take care of her four-year-old son. You are expected to do everything, including maintaining the mental health of said four-year-old, even while Mrs. X decided that it is time for a divorce. You’ll have to bear up under the strain with wit and panache, even as the boundaries between your working life and your so-called private life blur, merge and disappear. The symbiotic relationship between parent and nanny ensures that your life will be spent anticipating and fulfilling the needs of your charge, and your employer.

What I didn’t like about this book: I thought it started out a little slowly, and the only person I liked was Caitlin, the nanny, that was being replaced. The four year old started out being a brat, and I thought Nanny was a flake, and too “sweet” and had no spine.
The end of the book, I felt the end left a lot of loose ends, it was too unfinished, but maybe they are leaving room for a sequel.

What I like about the book: the characters grew and as I learned more about them, the more I liked some of them, the less I liked some. In some parts it was very funny, the Halloween costumes, the caking baking during a play date, the job interview with the nonprofit agency.

At other times it was almost heart wrenching, the relationship between Nanny and her charge grew, and I began to feel sorry for Nanny and Grayer. I have trouble even believing there are people as rich as the X’s let alone identifying with them, but then again, if I could identify with them maybe the book wouldn’t be as funny.

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