Tessa's book review: Defending Jacob by William Landay

    Wow. This is an awesome book. Not a happy read, mind you, but superb. I normally do not like legal thrillers (think John Grisham) but Defending Jacob is quite different.  This is almost a necessary read for all citizens, showing the extreme toll taken on the often innocent family of the accused. The horrible and unacceptable results for the family of the accused is so plainly shown it hurts. As are the lengths the human psyche will go to in avoiding pain and fear and shame.
    Andy Barber is the assistant district attorney with a long track record and a spotless reputation. When a young man is killed on the way to his private high school, there is no question but that the DA will give Andy the case.  He is surprised when a few people question his closeness to the case, since his son attends the same school. He has no doubts, himself. Until his own son, Jacob, is arrested. Suddenly Andy is on the other side, willing to go to almost any lengths to protect his only child. Defending Jacob (Landay website photo)
    But Andy's own secrets are about to come out.  And his own family will be the ones most hurt and betrayed. Andy Barber does what so very many people have done--recreate his own past to protect himself.  And he thought he was protecting his family, too.  Or did he.  Did he do it for himself or for them?
    Could not put this book down. And, for me, the foreshadowing only heightened the suspense. No way did I guess at any of the plot twists, which is very unusual for me. Amazing.  ~ Tessa Eger   2013   4.5 out of 5 stars