Book Review: The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck


 A story about 100 year old trunk, four generations of women and the perfect wedding dress.  

 What is the story of this dress? What are the stories of these four women?  How are these women connected?  Who made the dress, why does it look like it has never been worn?  

Charlotte Malone owns a bridal shop and prides herself in finding the right dress for every bride.   

One afternoon she goes out,  to thinkand pray, and finds herself at an auction where she somehow buys  100 year old trunk, that is welded shut, a trunk that she can’t really afford, want or need, from a strange little man in a bright purple shirt. 

This book combines romance of this magical wedding dress, that seems to “find” the women that are supposed to wear it, with some historical references of Birmingham, Alabama during the last 100 years.   It has humor and fun, mystery and intrigue, romance and turmoil.  

I agree with one Amazon reviewer who said 

On the scale of one to five, I give this book a four. Fun and humorous, The Wedding Dress would make a great ‘tuck in your bag’ on a vacation or ‘rainy day’ read.

This book is available at Jackson District Library as an Overdrive MP3 eAudiobook.