Jane’s DVD Review – Homeland

Homeland – Season 1 is now at the Carnegie library. This Showtime program swept the Emmy’s for 2012, winning Best Drama, Best Director, Best Leading Man - Damien Lewis, Best Leading Lady – Clare Danes, Best Writing and all kinds of other awards besides.  If you don’t get Showtime, you can see what all the fuss is about by renting the first season on DVD.

The plot centers on a Marine Sniper – Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Lewis), who is liberated from captivity in Iraq and brought home to a hero’s welcome.  But a brilliant young CIA analyst Carrie Mathison (Danes) isn’t convinced he’s the real deal.  Her mentor, Saul, played brilliantly by Mandy Patinkin, in inclined to trust her judgment, but his boss, David Estes, doesn’t want to lose the prestige that accrues from bringing home a war hero.  The current Vice President pushes Brody to run for an empty Congressional seat and hints at bigger things to come.  Brody’s wife is played by the gorgeous Morena Boccarin and she has given him up for dead and fallen in love with his best friend, Mike Faber.  But Mike is pushed aside as the glamour surrounding Brody takes over his entire family.  Flashbacks recall Brody’s capture and torture by the charismatic terrorist Abu Nazir.

Carrie becomes obsessed with Brody, and we discover she suffers from bipolar disorder.  Every episode of this program contains a shocker revelation and the level of acting is superb not just by the principals but by the entire cast. 

Damien Lewis was so natural as an American Officer in Band of Brothers, I was convinced he was American.  But then I saw him in The Forsyte Saga and realized he was just an amazing actor.  Danes is also brilliant as the obsessed, yet fragile Carrie.  I signed up for Showtime so I could watch each thrilling hour on Sunday.  Run – Don’t walk to rent this.  Having said that, I must warn you this is not a program for children, but it is riveting Drama with a Capital D.  For WWII buffs, rent Band of Brothers – it’s awesome as well.



My husband and I don't watch much tv, but we make it a point to watch Homeland every week. The show is intense, and it draws the viewer into a terrifyingly realistic world.

Watching homeland every

Watching homeland every weekend is what we serve as our bonding moment with the whole family after my father’s work. He’s an expert of Candy Crush Saga Hack and train individuals.

Homeland is one of the best

Homeland is one of the best suspense series i have seen. Once you watch it you can't stop. It has a lot of surprising element you can't stop but look forward to seeing the next episode. I recommend it to everyone who loves suspense thriller genre. Its a good series, its definitely worth your time, so go ahead and watch on.