Red Rain by R.L. Stine

Red Rain: A Novel

I picked up this title simply because it was by R.L. Stine. I had read many of his books in my childhood and loved them. I remember not being able to put them down. So, I had to see if this title for adults would have the same effect on me. The verdict is.......Yes, it did. I did not want to put it down, even with the foreshadowing. Yes, you can guess what is happening from the beginning but the need to see how Stine progresses in the story is strong.

I do give this title 5 stars because it captured my attention and I continued to make time in my busy days to read and travel through the story. This is a horror but it is not as gory as I have heard many horrors are. I recommend this as a ghost story that has many twists and new forms. Avid horror readers seem to be let down by this book but because I don't read it as avidly I liked the book.
Be ready for a shock at the end! Enjoy!