Library Picks for the Week of September 10th -- Football!!!!

Football is America’s most watched sport, and many Jackson County residents hold loyalties to a favorite team. If you’re one of them, come to the Jackson District Library this football season and learn all there is to know about your number one team. If you’re not sure where to start, why don’t you try the new book written by Jackson’s own hometown hero Tony Dungy? Quiet Strength is a motivational, first hand account of success from a value driven man with a humble heart. Dungy’s fierce competitive drive mixed with strong morals has created a man of great integrity. Pick up Tony Dungy’s new book today and get ready to be inspired!


After you are finished with Quiet Strength, try David Halberstam’s book titled The Education of a Coach. This book gives an up close and personal look into the life of football coach Bill Belichick, a previously elusive man who deliberately stays out of the spotlight. If you want to learn about the strategies and deep-seated ideals that helped Belichick create his winning legacy, then this is the book for you.


Lou Holtz, retired NCAA head coach, was also a highly influential football figure. He is a bestselling author and highly sought after motivational speaker as well. In Wins, Losses and Lessons, Lou Holtz shares what motivated a thin, marginal student with a speech impediment to play and coach college football. This book is captivating from the very start and written with candid honesty. The first lines are “When I die and people realize that I will not be resurrected in three days, they will forget me. That is the way it should be. For reasons known only to God, I was asked to write an autobiography. Most people who knew me growing up didn’t think I would ever read a book, let alone write one.” Pick up this book and delve into the intimate details of Lou Holtz’s remarkable and very entertaining life.


Coach Bo Schembechler also lived a remarkable life and is missed by many. Filled with untold stories and a dazzling collection of football photos, Schembechler’s book Tradition explores the strong spirit of Michigan football. Focusing on honesty, integrity and hard work, Tradition encourages all of us to strive for excellence in our personal as well as our professional lives.


Football fans, come down to the Jackson District Library and score a touchdown with your favorite book!