Book Reviews and Readers Challenges?

I recently became aware that there are a number of book review blogs out there in cyberspace, which does not surprise me.
For example:
Brooklyn Book Talk  
Running with Books
S.M.S. Book Reviews
Tiny little Reading room
I am sure there are many many more that I have not found.

What I did find a little surprising was the number of challenges they have created. Challenges like;
Something about me challenge
Book to Movie Challenge
The numbers challenge.

usually have no trouble finding things to read, or suggestions of things to read and don't need a challenge of some kind to read. In case you want to find books that have been or are being made into movies here are a few recommendations from the S.M.S blog

"13 Children's Books That Have Been Filmed from The Book Stacks
13 Non-Children's Books That Have Been Filmed from The Book Stacks ....

Book to Film Update: August from The Book Stacks "

If you want to look for books with numbers in the title go to the JDL catalog

select title and type in any number

For example a search for "five" brought up 1301 matches.
a search for "dozen" came up with 55 titles.

Create your own readers challenge, pick a topic and challenge yourself to read 5 books from that topic.

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My reader challenge

The reader challenge I have is just finding time to read!  With little children, I don't have nearly as much time as I would like to to read anything!

Other places to find book reviews include,, and of course  I frequently find that amazon has a lot of great book recommendations when I tell them what I like to read.  Now if I could just find time to actually READ them!