Tessa's new author review: The Crowded Grave by Martin Walker

    A great new author for me--I can't wait to go back now and read Martin Walker's first mysteries!  A former Editor for UPI and currently director of a think tank, Oxford alum Walker splits his time between Washington, DC, and the Dordogne region. His books take place in the villages of the Dordogne and take advantage of the loveliness of the Aquitaine area of France. Everything Walker loves about French country life is in his books, which were informed and inspired by the 2005 riots and the subsequent societal troubles that cross European Union lines.jacket cover
    A Crowded Grave has great cooking and wine aspects, with many locals making their own pates de foie gras, wine, cheeses, and more.  When Bruno, the main character and chief of police, cooks, I want to eat what he is fixing. Along with that there are lovely Dordogne descriptions.
    This latest book features the crowded grave of the title at an archeological dig, where ancient corpses are interred beside one more recent. Nearby, Bruno and colleagues from across France plan for a high security summit between French and Spanish ministers. Naturally, terrorism is a consideration, with Basque terror cells high on the watch list. The summit brings Isabel, a past love, back and forces them to twice-daily meetings. She is working and in charge of the meetings in spite of her still-healing serious injuries which cause her to walk with a cane. I need to read the other books to find out how she got them...
    And Bruno owns a Basset Hound! Plus, his current love, Pamela, has taught him how to ride horses, adding more pleasant outdoor time. No graphic sex or violence, at least in this particular title. What's not to love?  ~ Tessa    3.75 out of 5 stars



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This is another author I will have to try.  Thanks, Tessa, for bringing him to my attention.

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Already ordered his first book.

It will be a pleasant antidote to the suspense of the Jack Reacher books.