eJDL (e-books and e-audio books)

Did you know that you currently have access to 1,714 downloadable audio books through the Jackson District Library Website?

Click on Library Resources from the Navigation menu on the left side of the home page

 This will take you to the eJDL page and click on the NetLibrary Logo


This takes you to the NetLibrary page, where you can find the list of 1714 e-audio books (audio books that you can download to your computer then to your MP3 player)

and 14,751 eBooks (that can be checked out to your computer and read from your computer screen.) Both the “print” E-books and E-audiobooks automatically check-in at the end of the 21 day circulation period. So you do not have to worry about overdue fin

Before you can “check-out” this material you will have to create a NetLibrary Account, they ask for your name and e-mail address.

The E-books look just like a print book only on your computer screen.

If you are using the downloadable audiobooks and want to listen to them on a portable device make sure that you get an MP3 player compatible with the .wma format (not ipod). If you have any questions or problems please call me at 788-4099 ext 260. I'll see if I can help.



NetLibrary account

Do you have to go into one of the branches to get a NetLibrary account or can you do it from home?  I think I tried to do it from home once but couldn't get it to work.

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RE: Net Library Account

You should be able to get set up a net library account from home. You will need to enter your Library card number and PIN first then set up your net library account. If you have trouble with that please call or visit one of our branches, the librarians should be able to help you establish an account.