Tessa's travel book review: Unforgettable Canada: 115 destinations by George Fischer and Noel Hudson (expanded 3rd edition)

    Gorgeous photos and awesome travel spots crowd the new book Unforgettable Canada from cover to cover. From the Montreal Jazz Festival (the largest in the world) to the West Edmonton Mall, from the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the Northwest Territories to the Great Sand Hills of Saskatchewan, Canada has a multitude of eye-popping attractions and natural features. The expected names are joined here by some unexpected and really out of the way places. 
    For us Michiganders, lots of these spaces are just across the lake. An interesting fact in the book says that the majority of Ontario's population has never seen Lake Superior. Wow!  Let's not let  that be said of us.  Some of the most beautiful vistas in the world are on Lake Superior. One suggestion, #44, that I have personally experienced is the Agawa Canyon train trip out of Sault St. Marie.  I took this trip with my whole family, even my parents, one May day, and we all enjoyed it immensely.  It would be even better during a Fall Color Tour or Winter Snow train.
    The authors certainly have a sense of humor. When talking about the scenic Icefields Parkway which takes the traveler from Lake Louise to Jasper, Alberta, they conclude the chapter by saying, "For a good time, turn around and drive back to Lake Louise."  Sounds fun to me! One place I would like to go just to say I've been there--Head-smashed-in Buffalo Jump in Alberta.  The name says it all--it's an ancient trap hunters used to kill the buffalo by driving them off a 33 ft. cliff. Not that I want to jump off it myself.
    One criticism of this book--there is no organization.  Thankfully, there is an alphabetical list of the destinations at the back of the book, but no maps, themed units, nor geographical divisions are contained. Even so, the book is well worth an hour's perusal, or longer. Vacation ideas are on every page.~ Tessa   4 out of 5 stars