Tessa's book review: Dark star by Bethany Frenette

Jacket Cover    Dark Star is another young adult coming of age and into superpowers book with predictable romance. Fortunately, no vampires, just monsters they call demons. (But they still use their teeth.) Logically, her world has a few thin spots, lacking something in the visuals and the feel of it all, as well as in the makeup of the Beneath. For instance, if the Beneath existed before humans, why does it resemble the city above?  There should have been something there before and that something should still exist in an alien, foreign way.  The Kin, the "good guys" who came from the ancient race in the Beneath that existed before humans, are pretty much assimilated and indistinguishable from humans except for their powers. The demons can disguise themselves as humans, but their reality is monstrous with scales and red teeth and claws.
    Audrey bugs me even as I laugh with her, but it grows throughout the book as she constantly disobeys those who know the dangers. Yeah, teens are like that, but, honestly, was there ever a moment when she considered anything besides heading out into the dark when the cellphone didn't reach family? What ever happened to call a friend or a responsible adult? It reminds me of lots of children's books where the kids keep doing what they're told not to and never really get in trouble.  At least Audrey's mom tries to ground her, and makes sure someone is keeping an eye on her.
    The characters are well-done and likeable enough (or unlikeable, as planned), so that a series would be nice and would give Frenette a chance to work on the gaps. The story was interesting enough that it kept me reading--and I don't always.  So keep it up, tighten it up, Ms. Frenette, and we'll be watching for the next book in the series. ~ Tessa J. Eger         2.5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to Net Galley for the advance ebook! This book will be released on October 23rd.