Library Picks for August 26 – Get Ready for Storytime!

Fall is right around the corner, and children will soon be starting school! Preschoolers may watch with envy as older siblings leave for class. Now, with the help of the Jackson District Library, you can give your preschoolers something to do too! Bring your little ones to storytime and watch their imaginations soar.

Young children will enjoy “Library Babies,” a special storytime held at the Carnegie Branch starting in September for children 0-23 months. Toddlers 24-35 months will have fun attending “Time for Twos,” a popular story hour held at the Carnegie Branch starting this fall. Children 3 and up can enjoy storytime at any of the 13 Jackson District Library branches starting in September. Click here to check the library’s calendar for a story hour near you.

While you’re at the library, be sure to grab some books to keep your little ones happy at home too. The Babybug picture book/magazine series tells the adventures of a little girl named Kim and her rabbit Carrots, and is perfect for children under two.

I Spy Little Bunnies by Jean Marzollo is another picture book that will engage your child. Similar to “Where’s Waldo,” I Spy Little Bunnies has pages full of hidden rabbits just waiting to be discovered by your little one.

Preschoolers will love the adventures of the runaway pup Gracie in The Great Gracie Chase by Cynthia Rylant and Mark Teague. Check this book out and see if your child can guess where Gracie turns up next.

If your child is getting older and has siblings, he or she may relate to Emily Jenkins’ book Daffodil, Crocodile. The main character, Daffodil, is tired of being mistaken for her sisters, so she sets out to make sure no one ever makes that mistake again. Daffodil decides to don a papier-mache crocodile head and act like a wild animal. In the end, the crocodile head falls apart and Daffodil realizes she can be different without taking drastic measures.

Jitterbug Jam by Barbara Jean Hicks and Alexis Deacon is another tale older preschoolers are bound to enjoy. This story of a monster that is afraid a little boy may be hiding under his bed will make any child laugh out loud and just might help overcome bedtime anxiety too!

These and other tales are awaiting your child at the Jackson District Library. Come in for storytime and leave with some adventures of your own.


Why we don't come to storytime

I would be a lot more likely to bring my children (currently 6 months and 2.5 years) to storytime if they were in the afternoon.  We are SO not morning people.  Even getting out of the house before noon is a struggle!