Tessa's book review: Wake of the bloody angel by Alex Bledsoe

    As you may have noticed, I'm always up for a book that can make me laugh out loud. (And keep those grim dystopias far away.)  Wake of the bloody angel is certainly one of the fun ones. When Eddie, the main character, is thinking about the strange name of the ship he's on, the Red Cow, the quartermaster notices and asks him if he knows Book Coverwhat its first name was. Noticing that every crewmember around is watching, Eddie goes along with the joke and says no.  The Impatient Cow says the sailor. Know why, he wants to know.  No, again. "MOOOOO!" yells out every sailor on board. And then they all bust out laughing. Eddie mutters about being on a ship crewed by juveniles. 
    This new release is fourth in the Eddie LaCrosse series, however, I had no trouble following it even though it was my first Bledsoe. Eddie is a sellsword in a fantasy world of pirates and tall ships. It won't take long, if you're a certain age, to figure out that the book is based around the 1972 hit song "Brandy," as in "Brandy, you're a fine girl--what a good wife you would be! But my wife, my lover, my lady, is the sea." This distraction doesn't last long, though, and then you're engrossed in the story, the quest to find Black Edward, Brandy/Angelina's lost love. (Yes, it's terribly tempting to call her Brangelina.) It's a bit thin on plot interest and believability but it makes up for it with a great monster, an intriguing trap, characters that grow on you, and a general swashbuckling atmosphere. Going to go back and read the others. ~ Tessa J. Eger         3 out of 5 stars    August 2012



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Sounds hilarious!

I'm always up for a great buckleswash!