Reading Picks at Eastern Branch

August 24, 2007

Make sure you come by and check out (no pun intended) some of books here at the Eastern Branch.  You'll find some interesting displays and a regular Author A Week feature that we also display.  Currently, we have books by mystery author Margaret Truman featured.  As the daughter of President Harry S. Truman, she is well-acquainted with the Washington political landscape that most of her books revolve around.

A great human interest story can be found in State of the Heart by Maggie Ann Grace.  The author's boyfriend, a 53-year old self-employed contractor with no health insurance, found himself facing an astronomically expensive, but life-saving operation for a heart valve problem.  When U.S. hospitals insisted on charging them a far higher rate than they even charge insurance companies, the couple ended up going to India for the same surgery- for only $10,000.  This is a fascinating look at their experiences in that land, where they found excellent, sometimes better medical care, for a fraction of what it would have cost in our market-driven system.

See You In A Hundred Years by Logan Ward portrays the adventures of a modern American family that decided to exchange their upper middle class lifestyle for that of a 1900 Virginia farm family .  Be with them for a year as they forgo all the modern conveniences that we all take for granted, like phones, , computers, and appliances, and see how they battle elements, insects and other things that we feel so insulated from.  This is an excellent look at how much we have gained, as well as how easy our lives have become.

Steven George