Great Audio Books for the whole family

We are going on a road trip next week-end and I like to take Audio books when we travel. As I was looking for some that the whole family might like, I was reminded of some that we listened to when my daughter was younger (between the ages of 4 and 11)., and thought you might like some of them too.

Since my husband is an outdoors type person I tried to find things he would like too, so I tried some of them by Patrick F. McManus. (Click on his name to open a link to list of his books in our catalog) According to his website he is the leading outdoor humorists today. He writes about his hunting and fishing experiences, as a boy and as an adult. My husband and my daughter found them very enjoyable- all of us were able to listen to them together without complaint.

JDL has several of his books and it looks like he has started a new series I will have to try.

Another series we liked were the Adventures of Hank the Cowdog by John Erikson. This series is written from the view of Hank, a Texas cowdog who considers himself head of ranch security. That description may be argued by some of the humans in the book, but they are light and humorous and may give you some “insight” in to why your dog does some of the things they do.

We also like listen to the Indian in the Cupboard series, by Lynn Reid Banks. This is a series of stories about a young boy who can travel back in time via the magic cupboard and a plastic Indian. The series includes: The Indian in the Cupboard, The Return of the Inidan
The Secret of the Inidan and The key to the Indian

Others that we found very good, were the Some of the Lake Wobegone stories by Garrison Keillor, from the PBR Prairie Home Companion show.

We also found that having some books on tape and separate tape players cut down on arguments on long trips.

If you haven't tried audiobooks yet, give them a listen. It is like having your mom or dad read you a story.